Sawn timber

Produced from spruce or pine timber.

Fresh sawn or kiln dried, also possible treatment impregnation or autoclave.
Quality SF, Scandinavian V and VI.

Sizes and Measurements:

Thickness: 22 - 200 mm
With: 75 - 225 mm
Lenght: 2000 - 6000 mm

Additional measures may be requested



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Pallet material

Produced from spruce or pine timber.

Fresh sawn or kiln dried, also possible treatment impregnation.

Sizes and Measurements:

Thickness: 16 - 95 mm
With: 47 - 150 mm
Lenght: 450 - 4800 mm

Additional measures may be requested.






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Pine and spruce machine rounds for fences, swings, bridges, log buildings and other purposes. Peeled posts for pastures, agricultural corral and gardens.

Sizes and Measurements:

Machine rounds - diameter from 40 to 200 mm, length up to 6m.
Peeled posts - diameter from 50 to 150 mm, length up to 3m.
Machine half rounds - diameter from 50 to 140 mm, length up to 6m.






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Produced from spruce or pine wood.
Fresh sawn with cut edges, with possibility of impregnation or autoclave treatment.

Sizes and Measurements:

Thickness: 95 - 125 mm
With: 195 - 250 mm
Lenght: 2400 - 3000 mm





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Glue-laminated Beams

Produced from spruce or pine wood.
Based on standard EN 14080.
Classes of resistance GL24, GL 28, GL 30,
KD 12-14%
Length up to 13.5 m

Sizes and Measurements:

Thickness: 100 - 280 mm
With: 80 - 400 mm
Lenght: 1000 - 12000 mm





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Produced from spruce, pine or Siberian larch wood.
Produced from small pine logs, sound knotted planed to customer's profile.

Sizes and Measurements:

Thickness: 27mm, 28mm , 22mm
With: 95mm, 120mm, 140mm, 145mm
Lenght: de 3000mm to 6000mm
Quality: AB, BB, BC

Additional measures may be requested.




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Construction Material

Produced mainly from spruce wood, but with pine wood also available.
Dry, visually classified according to classification standards - C16 or C24.

Sizes and Measurements:

Thickness: 45mm, 70mm
Width: 70/95/120/145/170/195 / 220mm
Length: 3000 to 6000mm

Additional measures may be required.





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Birch plywood.

Sizes and Measurements:

Size: 1250x2500mm; 1525x1525mm; 1220x2440mm
Thickness: from 3mm to 30mm

Quality B / BB, BB / BB, BB / CP, BB / C, CP / CP, CP / C, C / C





European white ash

Sizes and Measurements:

Thickness: 20-25mm

Width: 120-250mm (possible 300mm)

Length up to 3000mm


Logs and unedged lumber also available.






Steamed beech wood

Steamed beech wood material available in logs, lumber, unedged and elements.

Thickness: 25/38/50/60mm

Width: 120mm and up

Length: from 2100mm and up


Quality as per request.






Siberian larch

Siberian larch available unedgedor sawn lumber.

From Taiga woods.

Different sizes and qualities available.

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